Artist / printmaker, author, teacher

Carol Wax has taught printmaking on the faculty of The Rhode Island School of Design, The State University of New York at New Paltz, The Center for Book Arts, New York University's School of Continuing Education, New Jersey at Montclair State University, and will be teaching intaglio printmaking this coming Fall at Bard College.  In addition, she has been a visiting artist at over seventy art institutions and organizations. Although versed in a wide range of intaglio and relief techniques, she specializes in teaching mezzotint engraving and related direct non-toxic printmaking methods.  


The Mezzotintiness: Rock the Boat, not the Plate workshop on June 22nd and 23rd at Zea Mays Printmaking Studios was a fun experience packed with some of the nicest people you could ever meet. Liz Chalfin was, as usual, the most gracious hostess with the mostest.

At this time no other workshops are scheduled. Please check back for new classes and events as they become available.


Mezzotint workshops are available in several formats including single-class or one-day demos, two- and three-day intensive workshops, or one-week courses.  Formats and contents can be tailored to the particular interests and scheduling needs of hosting institutions. While focusing on mezzotint, information beyond the scope of traditional engraving and printing techniques is also presented, making these workshops useful to students and professional artists with diverse interests. Prior printmaking experience is helpful but not necessary. Mezzotint rockers are supplied.

Carol is also available as a Visiting Artist to help students address aesthetic as well as technical issues. 

For more information on single class mezzotint workshops, see pdf  single class workshops

For information on two-day, three-day, and week-long workshops, see pdf mezzotint workshops


A frequent lecturer at museums, universities, and arts organizations, Carol Wax currently offers two PowerPoint presentations. Lectures are usually one hour long but shorter or longer versions may be requested. Both lectures include a brief step-by-step illustrated description of the mezzotint process and are followed by a question-answer period. 

Art and Industry: A History of Mezzotint Engraving examines the evolution of the medium from its inception in 1642 through its development as a vital vehicle for reproducing paintings, to the demise of the mezzotint industry in the 19th Century, and the resurgence of mezzotint as an original art form. Detailed images of prints and state proofs document technical innovations, and corresponding paintings illustrate the important impact the mezzotint industry had on European and Colonial American art and societies. 

Parallel Perspectives in Pencil, Pastel, Paint and Print chronicles the role of mezzotint in Carol Wax's artistic development and how it informs her work in other mediums. Using her own work as examples,  she discusses her philosophies about creative cognizance, the importance of creative play and how to grow from it, the need for establishing healthy work habits, ways to balance practicality with inspiration, and other subjects of interest to young artists about to embark on careers in the visual arts. 


Prints by Carol Wax are offered on loan for exhibitions. All impressions are presented in black Nielsen frames, glazed with plexiglas, and can be shipped in reusable containers. Support materials provided include wall labels, catalogue text, and jpegs.  

For more information on workshops, lectures, exhibitions or other services, please contact Carol Wax.