Artist / printmaker, author, teacher



My imagery is inspired by commonplace objects that I perceive as sentient or mystical.  I'm especially fascinated by vintage appliances or devices with organic forms that I exaggerate to evoke fantastic creatures or monuments. Or, in the same way seventeenth century Dutch still-lifes allegorically symbolized the impermanence of life and beauty, I may render outdated machinery as icons representing the transient nature of technology and consumer trends, contemplating how perceptions of objects evolve from state-of-the-art, to artifact, to art. 

I work in several mediums including drawing, pastel, painting (oil, gouache, watercolor), and mezzotint engraving, the medium for which I'm best known.  Working mainly from models, I combine observation with distorted perspectives, dramatic lighting effects, exaggeration, stylization and imagination to develop my compositions. Sometimes I stage elaborate dioramas, suggesting surreal narratives that consider the humor and menace inherent in our possessions and how they manifest our personal mythologies. In this way, I investigate psychological relationships with the material things we create, covet, consume, and cast away. 



For information about mezzotint engraving, see pdf What is mezzotint?